The 3D Crystal Heart makes an attractive statement when presented as a gift to someone special to you. This exquisite keepsake comes with a beautiful certificate of authenticity and has been created with the highest quality materials available. It comes in three sizes and is packaged beautifully in a black gift box with a white satin interior and is accompanied by a lovely heart-shaped glass vase. This exquisitely crafted figurine will never go out of fashion. The beautiful crystal has intricate designs and a clear surface and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

The heart is made of a white crystalline stone that resembles an opal. The inside is filled with a smooth yet rich crystal liquid and is set on a clear glass pedestal with an outer layer of silver. There are four sides to the heart including the lower one, which is the inside and has a unique design carved on it.

The crystal heart is handcrafted and comes with a certificate of authenticity and comes with a black ribbon to embellish it. The heart comes with an engraved heart charm that can be added to make it even more special. The heart is ideal for both men and women. In addition to its beauty and elegance, the heart is quite functional as a keepsake as well. The heart can be used as a beautiful centerpiece or a decorative addition to a photo album.

The heart comes in two versions and these are the small heart that can be used as a display piece or placed on a coffee table and a larger version that can be placed on a table top and used as a heart-shaped centerpiece. The small heart is perfect for a baby shower or as a small present. The larger heart is perfect for a graduation party or wedding, giving a stunning centerpiece for the reception or as an elegant wedding gift. Each heart is handcrafted with the same design that is created in the manufacturing process of the heart. The heart is made of a special crystal material and comes in three colors: white, light pink and dark red. The white heart has a light blue crystal inner layer and the light pink crystal provide a contrasting accent against the white inner layer.

The heart comes with a certificate of authenticity which is signed by the artist that creates the heart. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that gives the artist’s name and a brief description of the artisans work. The Certificate of Authenticity also contains the initials of the artist.

The Certificate of Authenticity guarantees the Certificate of Artistry is genuine and comes with a limited certificate of authenticity. It is signed by the artist and states, “Made in the United States of America.”