3d laser engraving is a new technology that uses laser technology to engrave on metal objects. Earlier, 3d laser engraving was used only in plastic arts and not in metal art, but recently it has got widespread popularity. By using 3d laser engraving machine, a company develops digital picture of the desired metal object and after engraving it on particular metal sheet with ink jets, the image is projected on the metal sheet in 3d style.

Currently, companies use different methods to project images into the image plane, but a common method used is a computer-aided thermal beam scanning (CAT Scanning). With the help of CAT Scanning, the depth of field in 3d laser engraving is adjusted so that an exact cut can be made. With the help of CAT scanning, the depth of field is adjusted so that an exact cut can be made. By using this method, the depth of field can be changed so that it becomes very shallow or very deep as required. By using this technique, we can get exact engraving on metals like brass and steel and even on ceramic. Thus, with the help of CAT scanning, digital image becomes easier to be engraved on metals and also helps us in saving considerable amount of time.

Using 3d laser engraving machine can save a lot of cost for us. Before using the machine, it is important to decide about the kind of metal to be engraved. This is because the thickness of the substrate has a lot to do with the quality of the engraving process and also determines the cost of the machine. Moreover, the type of the substrate also depends upon the kind of image to be engraved on it. When the image is less detailed, then the cost of the machine goes high. However, when the detail is high, the cost gets low.

There are many advantages of 3d laser engraving. For example, if the surface is to be engraved using a 3d process, then the whole engraving of the whole surface can be done much faster than the conventional method. The reason for this is that with the 3d method of engraving, a pattern of the whole surface can be generated on the computer. This allows the operator to run various tests with the computer so that he can generate accurate patterns of the desired depth. Thus, it becomes easier to generate intricate 3d designs without wasting time.

Another advantage of the 3d laser engraving is that it provides higher image resolution than the conventional technique. Thus, it can create more details in less time. Moreover, with the 3d technology, there is no need to remove the old paint from the surface after completing the engraving job. The 3d laser engraving method saves a lot of time compared to conventional techniques. It has also made the work easier and the results can be clearly seen on the surface.

The 3d laser engraving is generally used for producing images on paper, metal, plastic and even ceramics. If we talk about the wide applications of the method, one can easily say that it has become popular the world over. It can produce images of varying depths and sizes for diverse uses. Thus, it is indeed very useful in the industry of arts and crafts and other business sectors that manufacture products and services with the help of intricate detailing of the product.